A PC application for the analysis and post processing of experimental data, particularly suited for operative deformation visualisation and animation.


Xview permits, with a powerful and intuitive user interface, to easily generate or import a 3D geometry, and to associate experimental  data to the geometry nodes. The experimental data can then be visualised in both 2D and 2D window with a variety of formats, and animation can also be performed. A Typical application is the Operative Deformation, since the true structural deflections and vibrations can be easily visualised in 3D .


  • Availability of a library of CAD elements (including various kind of edges and panels) that permit a fast and easy construction of the Geometry.
  • Possibility to create and manipulate Groups of elements in order to permit a more easy model management.
  • Availability of different tools for the model manipulation, including the basic operation for copying, translate and rotate elements, as well as more advanced tools such as Extrusion, generation of revolution surface and others.
  • Import of Finite element models. It is possible to choose among the nodes of the Finite Element model these ones for which the experimental data are available, and interpolation routine will permit to interpolate the data on all the other nodes of the model.

Experimental Data:

  • Import of experimental time histories and FFT in standard ASCII format as well as universal file.
  • Interfaces with other file format for both geometries and data can be easily developed on user request.
  • Easy association of experimental data with nodes. The user can simply click on the desired node and select the experimental data among the available ones.

Post Processing:

  • Availability of different data representation such as Colour plots, Vector plots, and deformation plots.
  • 3D Animation of the results.
  • 2D Graphics for plotting time histories and FFT.
  • Tool for data manipulation (Integration, Derivative, FFT , Inverse FFT, and data truncation).
  • Export of deformation data in ASCII format

User Interface:

  • 3D Windows realised with OpenGL in order to ensure high quality and the support of 3D accelerating cards.
  • Dynamic rotation and contextual selection within 3D graphical windows (The number of different 3D windows depend only on computer resources).
  • Printing of 3D windows in postscript format.
  • Customisable Toolbar and Menu, as well as ToolTips helps.
  • Contextual menu through the right mouse button.
  • On line Help in compiled HTML format.