VNoise Cluster
Real parallel and distributed FEM and BEM analysis, that dramatically reduce computational times and local memory requirements


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FWH Solver: Aeroacoustic of blades and fans.
Flow-Noise: Flow generated noise.
VNoiseCluster: Parallel calculations.

VNoise Cluster Architecture.

Noise Cluster gives the possibility to perform parallel/distributed calculations without the need
of a dedicated hardware but with a simple LAN PC network, and so permits to drastically reduce computational time and memory requirements for large and huge calculations without requiring huge hardware investments.

In spite of what happens with trivial parallel solution strategies used by other BEM and FEM packages, that simply assign to different processor different frequency ranges,  VNoise Cluster instead use a real distributed strategy.

For each frequency step the calculation is distributed across the network and all the calculation steps are fully parallelized including Coefficients evaluation, System solutions, and Microphone propagation.

This strategy has the drastic advantage to not only reduce the computational time, but also reduce the memory requirements. Infact each node keeps in memory only its portion of the overall matrix, and therefore the in-core solver (that do not perform disk swap) is limited by the sum of the overall RAM available on all the connected PC and not by the single PC RAM.

Dual-Quad core CPUs.

Noise Cluster permits not only to use different PCs for distributing large analysis, but also permits to easily take full advantage of the great computing power of recent multi-core CPUs. It is threfore possible to have an heterogeneous system composed by several different PCs (single,dual quad core) all working together in a completely transparent way from the user point of view.

Performances with BEM

The high intrinsic scalability of BEM equations combined with the full parallel architecture of VNoise Cluster, and with the specifically optimized communication libraries permits VNoise cluster to achieve a practically linear scalability and efficiencies.
The computational time decrease linearly with the number of computational modes, and in some cases, due to the possibility to switch from out-core solver to in-core solver,  the computational time decrease even faster than the number of CPU.

Performances with FEM

The linear scalability remains unchanged in FEM for what concern the coefficient evaluation stage, and it is only slightly reduced for the system solution stage. Also in this case the memory is distributed across all the computer and so it is possible to run multi-million nodes analyses with just a few PC.


Figure 1: The figure above reports the scalability with the number of CPU or cores for a typical BEM analysis.

Easy Installation.

 VNoise Cluster
is based on proprietary, specific developed, communication library, and not on MPI. The proprietary communication library is not only specifically optimized to ensure fast communication, but also does not require any specific system knowledge for installation and configuration. 
 The installation is as easy as installation of a standard windows application on each computational node.
 Also the execution of a parallel analysis is completely transparent from the user point of view that has only to select the cluster solver, and then start as usual the calculation.