The new coupled FEM - BEM solver, together with the new user interface, makes VNoise a scalable and complete suite for acoustic, aeroacoustic and vibroacoustic analysis, that will permit you to solve acoustic design problems with an unprecedent easiness and speed.
Main characteristics
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VNoise aeroacoustic integrated approach
Additional Modules
FWH Solver: Aeroacoustic of blades and fans.
Flow-Noise: Flow generated noise.
VNoiseCluster: Parallel calculations.

VNoise is a complete suite for acoustic analysis. The main features include state of the art Finite Element and Boundary Element Solvers for the analysis of acoustic and vibro-acoustics problems. Typical fields of applications include NVH, design of absorbing barriers, analysis of inlet and exhaust systems and many others.
Additional modules are available for aeroacoustics analisys via acoustic analogy (FWH equation).

The advanced computational features are complemented by a powerfull and friendly user interface for pre and post processing. Specific interface modules are available for integrating VNoise with commercial FEM and meshing packages, and a parallel distributed solver is also available for distributing large scale calculations on a standard PC network.

Maximum Flexibility: VNoise does not pose any unnecessary or unphysical constrain during model preparation. The user therefore can focus only on what really matters, and can prepare a running model in an unexpected short time.

Top Performances: The powerfull and scalable FEM solver for internal analysis (million nodes analysis feasible on a desktop PC), coupled with the fast BEM solver for external and coupled analysis makes VNoise the ideal tool for performing complex coupled vibroacoustic analyses.

VNoise has a number of advanced and user friendly capabilities, and is specifically designed in order to make "life easy" for users, ensuring at the same time the maximum power and flexibility:
  • Interfaces with NASTRAN, ANSYS, FEMAP, NEi Nastran, Patran, Fluent, Fieldview. 
  • Advanced tool for mesh manipulation (Mesh Coarsening, hole closure, mode projection...).
  • Finite Element (FEM) and Boundary Element (BEM coupled solvers.
  • Coupled Multi Domain with different fluid properties.
  • Fully coupled structural acoustic analysis.
  • Frequency response and acoustic cavity modes.
  • Modelling of Perforated surfaces.
  • Plane, axial symmetries, and Half space formulations.
  • Evaluation of SoundPower, Intensity.
  • Transmission Loss of simple and multi input - multi output systems.
  • Fast external radiation with Velocity Contribuction vectors.
  • Fast Multi Domain.
  • Aeroacoustic sources.
  • Parallel/Distributed Solver.
  • Batch Files