A complete suite for normal mode testing and analysis.

VModal is a software tool for normal mode testing and analysis that permit the accurate evaluation of modal parameters of large structures. VModal is based on OROS hardware platform and permits to manage both the the acquisition phase and the analysis phase. Main features are:
  • Multiple shakers (up to 4).
  • Closed loop control of forces (amplitude and phase).
  • Multiple excitation in random or Multi Phase Stepped Sine modes.
  • Evaluation of MIMO FRF (H1,Hv).
  • Evaluation of CMIF and MMIF for identification of multiple modes at coincident frequencies.
  • 3D geometry import from Universal File, NASTRAN, ASCII.
  • Simple CAD like capabilities for geometry definition.
  • 3D visualization in multiple views in different formats Vector, contour plot, animations. Postscript export of 3D views.
  • Different kind of 2D plots (Lissajoux, Nyquist, Time Histories, Cross spectra, …)
The Modal parameters can be extracted with different methods:
  • Complex Power.
  • Forces in quadrature
  • Forces Work
Closed loop control of applied forces (Both in amplitude and phase) for Complex power and Forces in quadrature methods.