The know-how transfer you always looked for

In order to permit our customers to take the maximum advantage from our software packages we dedicate a lot of resources to continuosly improving our training offer.

We can provide both standard training packages as well as costomised training solutions based on specific user needs, or also on the job training in which we work together with your technical staff in order to provide training while working on some real project of your interest.

Standard Training package include:

  • Basic VNoise (2 days).
  • Vibroacoustic Analysis (2 days).
  • Aeroacoustic Analysis (2 days).

Besides we provide also some short web training session that permit you to focus exactly on the specific aspect of your interest without the need of travel.  We provide also some free web classes that permit you to gain an overview of a specific application domain. Please have a look at the scheduled web classes and join the ones of your interest.