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Web Support

Our support on the web is organized in the following sections:

FAQ: Here you can find a complete list of common questions and problems.

Customer Support: Web support for our current customers. Users can post support request and typically get a response from our team within 24 hours.

Web Classes: You can look at the scheduled Web classes that cover the topics of interest for you and freely join.

Technical Info: Are you interested in our products and would like to understand how they can be applied to your specific needs? Please fell free to contact us with any technical question you should have.

Commercial Info: Here you can request any commercial information in which you should be interested about our products.



Customer support

Support, in all of its forms, is a fundamental aspect of our activities, since we really believe that a good product cannot be a good product without the required support.

In order to provide a good support the central keys are an excellent technical knowledge, and the ability to provide timely responses, and our team is really focused on both these aspects in such a way that the customer can get the required answers in the time that he need.

Not only customer support ...

Our offer is not only limited to customer support, but we also provide a full set of training and consulting activities, that cover classical on site training as well as dedicated web training sessions. Keep a look on our Web Classes and stay updated.

Besides we also provide full support to prospect customers that are interested in evaluating our products. If you need to understand if and how our products can be applied to your specific problems contact us in the Technical Info section, and we will follow and guide you, in all the stages of your evaluation enabling you to form your own opinion without wasting your time.