Turbulence generated Flow Noise.
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FWH Solver: Aeroacoustic of blades and fans.
Flow-Noise: Flow generated noise.
VNoiseCluster: Parallel calculations.

FlowNoise is a VNoise module that permit to evaluate the aeroacoustic noise generated by turbulence. Typical applications include for example:

  • Duct Noise: Noise egenerated by flow in ducts due to presence of obstructions, valves, bending ...
  • FAN Noise: non tonal component of fan noise.
  • TBL Noise: Turbulent Boundary layer Noise.
  • Airframe: Noise generated by aircraft high lift devices, and  landing gears. 
The Flow-Noise Module requires as an input a RANS or URANS analysis and perform a synthetic reconstruction of the turbulence spectrum starting from mean values of turbulence kinetic energy and dissipation.

FlowNoise is a component of the VNoise integrated aeroacoustic suite, and when coupled with the FWH-Solver and the FEM/BEM solver for the convective Helmholtz equation constitute a poweful tool that can be applied in a wide range of different practical applications.

A typical application is reported below for the case of a duct with a 45° degree valve that generate noise in presence of flow. The spectra at 2 different microphones position outside the duct are reported below where the FlowNoise results are compared with experimental measuraments.