VNoise integrated aero-acoustics suite.
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Additional Modules
FWH Solver: Aeroacoustic of blades and fans.
Flow-Noise: Flow generated noise.
VNoiseCluster: Parallel calculations.

VNoise provides a series of fully integrated tools that can be applied to a wide range of aeroacoustic simulations. All the tools are integrated in a common framework that permit to afford different simulation domains with a unified approach. Different kind of simulations can be performed following a unified simulation path, and adopting the most appropriate module at each step. The overall approach ensure a great flexibility and efficiency and makes possible for the first time to perform complex aero-acoustic calculations at an industrial level, not only at the analysis but also at the design stage.

The overall process can be subdivided in 4 independent steps:

  • CFD Analysis:
  • Acoustic Domains: Definition of acoustic meshes for the domains enclosing the different aeroacoustic sources and the propagation domain.
  • Source Evaluation: Evaluation of the aeroacoustic sources for each source domain with the proper tool.
  • Propagation:Assembling of all the sources in the overall propagation analysis.

Different tools can be used for each step in relation to the specific problem to be analysed.

CFD: Different tools can be used typically RANS or URANS but also LES/DES analyses can be accomodated if required. Virtually all commercial CFD software are supported with the proper interfaces.

Source Modeling:

  • Flow Noise: Extract full spectrum of aeroacoustic sources from steady CFD RANS analyses
  • FWH Solver: Noise radiation from rotating blades, FANS...


  • BEM: Boundary element analysis for the convective helmholtz equation
  • FEM: Finite Element analysis for propagation in both uniform and non uniform flows

    Both BEM and FEM can eventually include structural coupling for completly coupled aero-vibro-acoustic analyses